Our Pre-Construction Process:

  • Upon receiving your call, we set up an appointment to discuss your dreams and goals for your project, allowing us to gain the information we need for our FREE estimate.
  • We bring subcontractors over to take a look at your project.
  • After gathering material costs and the subcontractors’ quotes, we put together a bid that clearly outlines the scope of work to be done, as well as costs and fees for your specific project. Unlike most bids, ours are broken down by line item, allowing you to see the impact of each component of your project.
  • We will schedule a meeting with you to present the completed bid and to answer any questions you have. At that point, it’s up to you where we go from there!

Our Construction Process:

As the General Contractor, our job is to ensure the quality of craftsmanship while maintaining the owner’s budget and schedule. This entails:

  • Clear communication with the owner and subcontractors.
  • Management and oversight of our subcontractors. (We use only licensed, insured subcontractors that are professional and experts in their field.)
  • Coordination of subcontractors to minimize delays between the phases of construction.
  • Dealing with everyday problems that arise, so that the construction can be a more pleasant experience for the homeowners.
  • We arrange and meet with the town building inspectors, and take care of filing all paperwork/permits. We arrange and obtain the final Certificate of Occupancy at the end of the project.

We strive to provide homeowners with the following:

  • A timeline of events (and we make every effort to stick to that timeline!)
  • A list of things the homeowner will need to purchase or decisions they will need to make throughout the construction process.