Free Estimates

Pro-Star Builders, LLC offers FREE estimates

Upon receiving your call, we set up an appointment to discuss your goals and dreams for your project. We then bring subcontractors over to take a look at your project, as a part of forming an accurate estimate. We take the time to gather the material costs and put together the subcontractors' quotes, forming a bid that clearly outlines the scope of work to be done, as well as costs and fees for your specific project.

Our estimates are broken down line-by-line, so you can easily see the impact of each component of your project. We then schedule a meeting with you to present the completed bid, and to answer any questions you may have. All of this is done at no cost to you, as we recognize it gives you a glimpse into how we run our business and interact with our clients, and helps you to see what we can do for you!

So call us when you are ready for your free estimate!